Detailed Reporting

imacInformation is only as useful as the way it is presented to you. Cloud-HR is built on the Salesforce platform and benefits from the years of development that have already been invested by Salesforce. The reporting, data import and export tools and graphical dashboards allow you to present your HR information to those who need it in a format that is relevant to them.

Cloud-HR comes with a large selection of pre-built reports which you can run out of the box or tailor to meet your needs. In addition you can create any number of additional reports which can be personal or shared with others. The dashboards allow you to see your data in a graphical way using a whole selection of chart types and tables.

Key Benefits:

  • Large selection of pre-built reports
  • Fully extendible and customisable
  • Graphical charting and dashboards
  • Data can be exported manually or using Salesforce API’s